September 27, 2012

Invitation for a Yield Management and Spa Survey...

In conjunction with a leading wellness spa website in Dubai, Spagenie and RSVP Worldwide decided to join efforts in making the survey to measure the impact of Yield Management in Wellness Industries. is the Region Biggest and Most Popular Spa and Wellness Resource in the Gulf Countries.

RSVP Worldwide is a leading revenue management firm in the UAE for independent structures.

By wellness industries we compile the following business units:
- Hotel Spa,
- Standalone Spa (Independent),
- Standalone Organic Spa (Independent),
- Hotel Medical Spa,
- Standalone Medical Spa (Independent),
- Beauty Salon Brand,
- Standalone Beauty Salon (Independent),
- Hair Salon Brand,
- Standalone Hair Salon (Independent),
- Nail Spa Brand,
- Nail Spa Standalone (Independent),
- Yoga Classes,

Visit the link below:

We thank you for your answers. Results will be published.

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Revenue Team @ RSVP

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