January 07, 2013

Profit Therapy Program for Beauty Salon's Owner - UAE

Over the past 2 years, I discovered that whilst beauty salon / spa owners are experts at hair styling, manicure/pedicure, facial and massage therapy, they don't always have a good grasp on the financials of running their businesses.

Most of my clients say that they never look at their numbers because when they DO they don't understand them. They will rather focus on what is left in the cash box on a daily basis and pay what needs to be paid on daily basis. They empower their receptionists to become the salon magicians and handle staffs / clients / P.O.S / statistics / accounts / payroll / marketing. Hmm...realistically it does not work!!! and raise high employee frustrations.

It's not surprising; the Beauty Industry teach you what you need to know about beauty products, techniques and some customer service practices. As opposed to the Travel and Hotel Industry, Beauty Industry lacks of higher diploma that speak about management courses in Human Resources, Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, Sales and Finance and much more topics.

Through consulting, at RSVP Hospitality, we can close the gap by helping you understand business financials and empower you to make actions that will make a measurable difference in your bottom line.

Profit leaks are those areas of your business that waste money and human energy. It can happen rapidly in every single corner of your operations. If money flows out of your business quicker than it flows in day after day and year after year, you are in trouble. Stop digging and let's start filling in the holes in your bank account, your joy and your success!!!

At RSVP Hospitality, we propose our Profit Therapy Programs to our Beauty Salon, Nail Spa partners as:

Our consulting projects mission are to:

  • Analyze and controls all outflows of cash,
  • Coach salon owners to step into Leadership role,
  • Develop systems and processes to recruit, retain valued employees,
  • Stop reckless and unnecessary spending,
  • Empower clients on how to work ON their businesses,
What clients say about the program:
  1. Allow them to place data/statistics in front of operational issues: How much? When? Sum? Percentage?
  2. It replace the "Great I need to talk" with "I realize that..." or "I calculate that...."
  3. First teach me what profit and loss is and help me to control it,
  4. Helped them to make changes,
  5. Helped them to eliminate treatments and focus on increase profits,
  6. Look forward to the training,
  7. Helped me to make sense of my life through my work as salon owner,
  8. Keen to read more on Revenue management programs,
Romain Saada - RSVP - Hospitality
+971 50 589 3011

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