April 07, 2013

Moxy Hotels, the New Brand Design from Marriott & Ikea

Marriott unveils its design for Moxy, a European Budget Hotel Brand it is developing with its partner Inter Ikea Group.

The first location will open near Milan Malpensa airport in early 2014, and the plan is set for 150 hotels all over Europe, in the next 10 years. No properties have been announced in the booming GCC countries as yet.

The venture aims to build its hotels in or near office parks, airport and train and metro stations. They will range from 150 to 300 rooms each.

The privately held Swedish firm company, Inter Ikea is investing about $ 500 million in the partnership for around 50 hotels in the next 5 years.

The hotels won't use IKEA furnitures or its designers, but Inter IKEA devised what it calls novel construction techniques to trim construction costs. Many rooms will be prefabricated and then assembled like IKEA furniture, a modular type of construction that is new for Marriott. Accor has the leadership for prefabricated hotel concept with its Formula 1, Etap Hotels and Ibis success.

The rooms, with a price point around Eur 60 ($79) were designed by Nordic Hospitality which will operate the hotels. The rooms price will be dynamic and not fix prices like in a vast majority of budget hotels. Marriott is the franchiser, contributing its database of customers and reservations and purchasing systems, and would own the brand: Moxy. Marriott Revenue and Distribution systems are the best in class in the Hotel Industry with 70% of their bookings coming from their direct distribution channels (Best Available Rates, Corporate Rates, Online Marriott.com booking...). Nordic Hospitality is managing several Marriott brands in Scandinavia already.

Moxy hotels won't be check-in IDs or posting an age maximum or anything. Moxy was created for the generation traveler, not only Gen X and Y but people with a younger sensibility.

Guest room will be functional and well designed

To the culture of Marriott Hotels it always select a top location. Considering the first Moxy will open at Milan Malpensa Airport rather than a center city location, this will guarantee cheaper prices.

Marriott says its plan for 150 franchised Moxy Hotels in Europe, aiming for location in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

You can visit the Moxy Website at: http://www.moxyhotels.com

RSVP Hospitality Team

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