April 29, 2012

Beautyworld Conferences: May 30-31, 2012 - Learn to grow your revenue profit!

This year's summit is designed to educate owners, directors, managers and practitioners on how to become proficient in all aspects of business operations.

Whether you own or operate a spa or salon your ultimate goal is to run a profitable business.

How can I professionally manage and achieve my business, full potential while competing in an already very competitive market? 

How do I stay one step ahead of my competitors? 

How important is guest satisfaction, retention and referrals to the ongoing success of my business? 

Do I understand staff training, and how to engage my staff? 

Do I understand how to create an effective menu? 

Are you utilising social media as you should be? 

Is my Facebook page made up only of a few friends and clients? 

Do I understand brand communication, how to be consistent and have a solid concept? At the summit, these questions and others will be answered, aiming to give you practical ideas and strategies that you can implement that will add value and revenue to your business.

RSVP Hospitality will make a Spa Revenue maximizing and profitability Presentation for Spa and Salon, on how to process simple analytical that give bottom line results.

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